What people have recently said about John R. Neill's Illustrations  

"The artwork arrived today - and it's fantastic! I didn't expect it quite so soon, so it was a real treat - and of course now I'm wandering around the house with it to try and decide where it will live."


"I'm still excited about other pieces as well, and hope to continue adding to my collection. Has anyone ever considered doing a book of some sort on your grandfather's artwork? It's a shame he isn't better known and recognized as an artist of that period."


"Thanks for letting me buy an original piece of Oz history from you.  I'm very excited."  


"It's amazing to me to see these pieces to scale and in person - the skill is incredible. It just makes me want more! And, I'm sure that will happen."


"I'm glad to hear you have more illustrations! Your grandfather is my favorite artist, and I love the books that he authored...my favorite being "The Wonder City of Oz".


"These pictures are very unique, and I would love to own them.  I'll see if I can't pay my mom back for them."




"I saw on the Internatioanal Wizard of Oz Club that you had more illustrations for sale.  I got mine in the mail and I love it. Please write me back, and if you have any more pictures, that would be great.  Thanks for making the previous illustration available to me."


"I was an illustration student at Northern Illinois University when my girlfriend (now my wife of twenty years) bought me a set of the Baum Oz books in paperback as a gift. She knew I liked the MGM film and bought them for that reason. I went nuts over the illustrations. I got into the whole Oz thing solely because of Neill."

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